Here’s our story…


history of rocky’s revival

“Rocky’s Revival” came to life in early 2012, when two sisters formed a band, intending to create the kind of music that they wanted to hear – “Poetic pop, with a quirky, folky feel.”


Kalina and Kiana’s musical journey started much earlier. Their sibling harmonies were first heard while they were still buckled into their car seats. School talent shows and experimentation with different instruments eventually landed Kalina on piano and ukelele, while Kiana settled in on guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica.


In 2007, they formed an all-girl band called “The Raymies.” Kalina and Kiana were the lead singers and discovered songwriting, while only 11 and 13 years old. They led the Raymies for three years, as they gained studio and stage experience all over the country, with more than 100 live performances.


With the help of Brillstein Entertainment, John Stamos co-wrote and produced a TELEVISION PILOT for Disney that was intended to be a launching platform for the young band. Disney was seeking a show to fill the impending void to be left by the final season of “Hannah Montana.” All four major record labels were bidding for The Raymies and their music.


Unfortunately, Disney only wanted Kalina and Kiana, as they wanted to recast the rest of the band with more ethnic diversity and a higher level of musical and acting skills.


In an effort to “Do The Right Thing”, Kalina and Kiana passed on Disney’s offer and kept the band together to play music and preserve friendships. Other members of the group never fully recovered from challenges of this experience and within a few months, The Raymies imploded.


Kalina and Kiana dove deep into songwriting and had songs placed in various projects. A year after the breakup, the sisters spent time in Europe, working on another musical television show. (They starred, as sisters, separated at birth, who meet and form a band.) The travel was inspiring, but the musical restrictions and creative control imposed by the producers of the show confirmed that a pure representation of their music can only be found in a project with a single vision and no strings attached – “Rocky’s Revival”


As Rocky’s Revival gained momentum, the sisters were faced their greatest challenge to date – Kalina spent most of 2014 in and out of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. (She is now in complete remission!) Many songs were written during the cancer treatments and they coined the phrase “gigs with wigs,” as Rocky’s Revival opened for groups like The Bangles and Justin Bieber during this challenging season.


What didn’t break them, made them stronger.  The girls continue to write for other people and projects, but Rocky’s Revival is a true expression of their musical vision…and it’s just getting started.

about kiana

Hi, I am Kiana Michael Campion- yes my middle name is Michael, but it’s my Dad’s first name, so it’s all good. I am ½ of Rocky’s Revival, a lover of all things unicorn, and a dark chocolate enthusiast. I like to spend my time with people who are encouraging and enjoy laughing.


I also feel like I am writing a bio for an online dating site right now.


Game nights make me happy and so do The Chronicles of Narnia books. I think that traveling is one of the secrets to life and try to do it as much as possible. I can’t really pick a favorite place I’ve been to because they have all been so different and with such different people. I’ve learned that it’s not where you go but it’s who you’re with. I’d rather sit in a cardboard box with my best friends than go somewhere cool with someone I can’t get along with, ya know?


Here’s a little about my life. I was born at a young age. My birthday is September 8th, and I was always so bummed in elementary school when the first day of school was my birthday. I used to play club soccer and loved it so much! (shout out to Coach Pete!) I met my best friend in the bathroom at church and decided to be best friends right then and there. (We think it’s a hilarious story but other people don’t seem to be as amused.)


When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut but that didn’t work out so I figure this is the next best thing. Kalina and I have had so many amazing adventures so far and I can’t wait for the ones to come.


I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis:


“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.”


about kalina

I’m Kalina Campion. I love playing piano now, but I absolutely hated it at first. When I was in second grade, my mom forced me to take piano lessons. I had the worst teacher in the world. He was mean, strict, and he only let me play classical music, which was very unappealing to a second grader. For the first few years, I hated the thought of playing piano. But when I was in sixth grade, I found a new teacher, who taught me how incredible the piano can be.


His methods helped me appreciate and fall in love with the piano. He taught me how to bring my own, personal style into everything I played – even classical music. He also encouraged me to write songs. This goes to show you how much a great teacher can impact your life. (Thank you, Norm Huie!)


I always knew that I wanted to be a singer, and my new approach to the piano made me want to be a songwriter too. In eighth grade, I wrote my first song. It was for a middle school project. I came up with some chord changes, and my best friend helped me write a melody and lyrics that were pretty dark for a couple of eighth graders. The hook of the chorus said, “the tears are falling like soft rain.”


Even though we only played it for our classmates, I knew at that moment I wanted to perform songs that I created. From eighth grade on, my life has revolved around music. It was then that Kiana and I started our first band, The Raymies. It only lasted four years, but the band gave us the opportunity to perform every week and ultimately become better musicians. We practiced four hours a day, we wrote songs and we learned how to play music with other musicians. The Raymies had its challenges, but it was a great learning and growing experience for Kiana and me.


Now we are Rocky’s Revival, and we’re happier than ever. We have about 100 songs that we’ve written over the past few years and they are just waiting to be recorded. We’re so excited for the future and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. This is my passion and my dream and I’m never going to give up on it.